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Everyone has the ability to effectively defend themselves

At its core Hapkido is about learning to defend yourself. Our school teaches the traditional unarmed system of self defense and nearly all of the class exercises are devoted to this purpose. At Tillman Hapkido Academy, we do not teach patterns or “katas”, we do not point spar, and we do not break boards. What you will learn are the principles and techniques of this simple yet very effective system of self defense. Students will be exposed early to our school principles and taught to make them a part of their weekly training. Just as the technical skills need to be developed through your training, so to will these principles help you to become a better fighter. For further information on our school principles and proper class etiquette, please click on the links or contact us at anytime.

Our Advice

Early in your training you will begin the process of learning the basics of Hapkido. This will include fundamental movement, technical skills, and general philosophy. With regular practice and training, movements will become easier and more natural, you will become stronger with better focus and confidence. These things are attained through commitment, perserverence, and effort.

All of our staff, instructors, and senior students are here to support you through this process. We practice together as a team to educate, help, and encourage each other to be at our best.

We welcome you to be part of this team in the spirit of personal growth and development.

Thank you for your interest in Tillman Hapkido Academy.

Master Jeremy Tillman
5th Dahn Hapkido
NKMAA Director
Cert #07-04-10960

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