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national korean martial arts association

 A non-political Government registered non-profit organization dedicated to service martial artists around the world.  Its goal is to promote Korean Martial Arts through personal development of its students. The NKMAA operates with integrity and honesty and is one of the most respected organization in the world today.



Regional, national and international workshops are available for members.


Special training in unique self-defense techniues, ki-training and weapon skills.


Direct training with some of the most highly ranked and respected Masters in the world today.

Tillman Hapkido Academy is a registered charter school of the NKMAA. Master Tillman was appointed the Western Canadian Regional Director by GM Rudy Timmerman on June 14, 2007.

Visit the NKMAA Website to learn more about this fantastic organization.

Grand Master Rudy Timmerman

Grand Master Rudy Timmerman

In 1950, GM Rudy Timmerman began training in Holland, where he was born, and he continued to practise in Canada after his family moved there in 1958. Originally he studied Jiu Jitsu and Catch as Catch Can; however, when those arts were not available to him in Canada, he began to study the arts of Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do and Tae Kwon Do under Grandmasters Pak In Suk and Pak Sung Bok.

The NKMAA was founded by Grand Master Rudy W. Timmerman in 1974 with the desire to provide a reliable source of martial art instruction, information, and certification for its members. GM Timmerman began his martial art career more than fifty years ago and has since provided invaluable guidance into the many aspects of Korean martial art training.

GM Timmerman was promoted to 9th Dahn by Grand Master In Sun Seo of the World Kido Federation in 2004.

Some of GM Timmerrman’s accomplishments include:

  • Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Member of Dae Han Kido Hae and World Council of Grand Masters
  • Pioneers and Legends Hall of Fame – Master of the Year
  • International Hall of Fame – Grand Master of the Millennium
  • Founding member of Korean Martial Arts Alliance
  • Platinum Lifetime Service Award
  • Grand Master of Kong Shin Bup



tillman hapkido


All classes take place at the Village Square Leisure Centre.

2623 56 Street NE, Calgary
Phone: 587-968-1812