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Learn the proper ways to communicate during a class including titles, commands and greetings.


 student can see the path to acheive Jung Shin and how our testing methodology works. 


Each belt  has their specific requirements, click to learn more about each level of Hapkido.

Hapkido terminology

Use the table to below to aclimate yourself to the terminology of Hapkido that you may hear during classess or when speaking to other members at the Dojang.

Dobok Uniform
Dojang School
Gup Rank below Black Belt
Dahn Degree, Black Belt holder
Mu Do Way of the martial art
Ho Shin Sul Self-Defense
Hanna One
Dul Two
Set Three
Net Four
Dasut Five
Yasut Six
Eelgoh Seven
Yodul Eight
Aho Nine
Yo Ten
Jeja Student
Nim Honorable
Jo Kyo Nim Assistant Teacher
Kyo Sa Nim Teacher
Pu Sa Bu Nim Assistant Instructor
Sa Bu Num Instructor
Kwan Jung Nim Director of school
Kuk Sa Nim Grand Master
Chul Sa Lineup
Dobok Chungdon Check uniform
Swieo Stand at ease
Cha Rutt Stand at attention
Kyung Ye Bow
Mucdo Choon Be Meditation ready
Mucdo Say Jak Meditation begin
Mucdo Parow Meditation end
Choon Be Ready
Ja Seh Stance
Ba Row Return
Shi Jak Begin
Doe Rah Turn
Dee Row Doe Rah Turn around
Puckwa Change sides
E La Sutt Stand up
Ki Hap Yell (high energy)

Path to black belt

A student belt test is scheduled approximately every four months for adult students and every twelve months for children and youth students.

All students are assessed and ultimately invited to test after demonstrating proper techniques, commitment, and attitude during regular class time. Student attendance is critical to achieving promotion. All students should plan to attend every available class in order to develop the necessary skills for advancement.

Students who are identified ready and eligible to test will be notified through written invitation approximately two weeks prior to the test date.

White - physical fitness
  • Danjun ho hup elbon
  • Danjun ho hup ebon
  • Danjun ho hup sumbon
  • Fighting stance
  • Horse stance
  • Step forward/backward into fighting stance
  • Shuffle forward/backward into fighting stance
  • Single block
  • Double block
  • Front shoulder roll from kneeling position
  • Horse stance punching
  • Horse stance elbow strike
  • Heel kick
  • Knife kick
  • Spear kick
  • Inside-thigh kick
  • Inside Crescent kick
  • Outside Crescent kick
  • Escape/ Defence from wrist grab
  • Basic commands and counting
yellow - concentration
  • Front shoulder roll
  • Back shoulder roll
  • Back fist strike
  • Knife strike
  • Open back hand strike
  • Tiger-mouth strike
  • Spear strike
  • Front kick
  • Point kick
  • Side kick
  • Knee kick (front)
  • Knee kick (side)
  • Defense from collar grab
  • Principles of Ki
orange - positive attitude
  • Front shoulder roll
  • Back shoulder roll
  • Side shoulder roll
  • Outside single block
  • Inside single block
  • Rising block
  • Ridge block
  • Straight jab
  • Reverse punch
  • Upper-cut
  • Hook punch
  • Opposite-point kick
  • Turning-heel kick
  • Spin kick
  • Axe kick
  • Scoop kick
  • Tailbone kick
  • Back kick
  • Defense from a over-belt grab
  • Defense from an under-belt grab
  • Defense from a ground choke
  • Understanding and application of circular motion
green - perserverance
  • Long-dive front shoulder roll
  • Long-dive side shoulder roll
  • Low inside block
  • Low outside block
  • Front break fall from kneeling position
  • Side break fall from kneeling position
  • Back break fall from kneeling position
  • Step-punch strike
  • Palm strike
  • Ridge strike
  • Knife strike
  • Front kick low-high
  • Point kick low-high
  • Side kick low-high
  • Turning inside-thigh kick
  • Low spinning knife kick
  • Point kick follow through
  • Knife push kick
  • Turning back side kick
  • Defense from inside wrist grab
  • Principle of non-resistance
Blue - self control
  • Front shoulder roll with arms out
  • Back shoulder roll up to feet
  • Front break fall
  • Side break fall
  • Back break fall
  • X-block upward
  • X-block downward
  • Double knife edge block
  • Back fist strike
  • Reverse knife strike
  • Spear strike
  • Reverse ridge strike
  • Jump side kick
  • Jump spin kick
  • Jump point kick
  • Jump point kick follow through
  • Front-jump-front kick
  • Side-jump-side kick
  • Point-jump-point kick
  • Shuffle side kick
  • Shuffle point kick
  • Defense from outside wrist grab
  • Importance of humility
Adv. blue - self control
  • Front shoulder roll with arms at side
  • Side shoulder roll with arms at side
  • Hapki double block
  • Straight thumb strike
  • Open back hand strike
  • Elbow strikes
  • Front shoulder roll to point kick
  • Front shoulder roll to side kick
  • Standby to side kick
  • Low spin kick
  • Sweeping point kick
  • Kicks stepping off object
  • Defense from patch grab
  • Defense from shoulder grab
  • Defense from cross patch grab
  • Defense from cross shoulder grab
  • Knowledge of the meaning of Hapkido
red - jung shin
  • High front shoulder roll
  • High side shoulder roll
  • High stand-by
  • Jump front break fall
  • Jump side break fall
  • Jump back break fall
  • Kip-up
  • Thumb knuckle cross strike
  • Index finger knuckle strike
  • Middle finger knuckle strike
  • Cats paw strike
  • Inside-outside crescent kick
  • Outside-inside crescent kick
  • Inside thigh to point kick
  • Outside crescent to point kick
  • Inside thigh to front kick
  • Spear to rear side kick
  • Side kick to both sides
  • Defense from a side wrist grab
  • Defense from bouncer throw
  • Defense in sitting position
  • Defense from hair grab
  • Linage of Hapkido
Adv. Red - Jung Shin
  • High front shoulder roll
  • High side shoulder roll
  • High stand-by
  • Stand-by with half twist
  • 2-finger strike
  • 1-finger strike
  • Spinning back fist
  • Inside crescent to spin kick
  • Inside crescent to side kick
  • Spear kick to point kick
  • Opposite point to point kick
  • Side kick to turning back side kick
  • Spin to tailbone kick
  • Spinning opposite point kick
  • Defense from single collar grab from behind
  • Defense from double shoulder grab from behind
  • Defense from double patch grab from behind
  • Defense from double wrist grab from behind
  • Defense from double wrist grab from behind, hands together
  • History and evolution of Hapkido
  • Wrapping block
  • Outside hook block
  • Inside hook block
  • Double downward palm block
  • Inside elbow into spinning elbow strike
  • Inside elbow into spinning back fist strike
  • Spear strike into knife, step ridge into spinning knife strike
  • Inside into windmill kick
  • Jump split kick
  • Flying side kick
  • Jump turning split kick
  • Jump split kick from roll
  • Jump front kick from roll
  • Double front kick from roll
  • Defense from bear hug – over arms
  • Defense from bear hug – under arms
  • Defense from lunge
  • Defense from full-nelson
  • Defense from head lock
  • Defense from side kick
  • Defense from knife
  • Principles of leadership

Testing is the result of your hard work and a chance to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Always train to the best of your ability during every class.

Master Tillman

Kwan Jung Nim



tillman hapkido


All classes take place at the Village Square Leisure Centre.

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