School Principles

Student Principles

Always Show Respect and Courtesy
Students must demonstrate proper consideration for instructors and fellow students at all times. The most basic way to demonstrate this respect is to bow to each other before and after an exercise. Students should value the time spent with others, respect their views, and show courtesy both on and off the training mat.

Train with your Body and Mind
Both your body and your mind need to be active during training. There are obvious signs of our body being physically active, such as an increased heart rate, sweat on the brow, and heavy breathing. Likewise the mind needs to be engaged to get the most out of class. These signs include proper focus, concentration, and application. The result is a greater feeling of accomplishment and progress when both head and heart are used!

Always Be a Student
It does not matter if you are a new to Hapkido or have been practicing martial arts for many years, there is always something more to learn. The astute student will observe the technique, listen to feedback, and practice the principles that have been taught. One of the reasons we bow to each other is because our training partner has helped us to understand something more about ourselves – what is possible, a change for the better, or a new perspective. Demonstrating humility by showing a willingness to learn, regardless of rank or experience, is an important factor to continuous improvement.

Every student must display a strong sense of perseverance to earn a black belt. In most cases, there are specific steps that must be followed to master a level. Learning a technique completely takes time, patience, and practice.

Over time students will be expected to evaluate their technical skills, attitude, work ethic, and respect for others. There are many questions to ask yourself that will lead to greater understanding. Questions like “Is this technique practical for me?”, “Does it work the same on different people?”, or “What limits do I have and how can I overcome them?”

Lead a Martial Artist’s Life
Martial arts is not just about getting in some exercise or leaning a few interesting movements. Moreover, a Hapkido’ist does not practice the school principles only during class. Instead a Hapkido’ist applies what he/she has learning to everyday situations. This entails leading a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise, diet, and social interaction; demonstrating self-discipline, accepting new challenges, serving your community, and mediates regularly. Set goals in other aspects of your life – school, work, friends, and family – and celebrate small wins.